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Step 1: Quotation


Quotations of Printed Circuit Boards can be done in one of two ways.

1. Email us your design file. We prefer Protel (all versions) or CADint format, but will also work with Gerber (extended) format.

2. Email or phone through to us the following information.
a)  Your contact details
b)  PCB Quantities required
c)  Type of PCB (Single, Double, Multilayer, AL-back etc)
d)  Size and shape of Circuit and Panel
e)  Whether the circuit is to be supplied in panel form or as an individual circuit
f)  Number of holes
g)  Smallest hole size
h)  Smallest track size
i)  Smallest copper separation

Some design files can be quite large. We recommend all files be compressed using a zip utility. A demo version of Winzip can be downloaded from this site.

Use this link to Email us for a fast response to your inquiry.

For any other product or service, please Email us contact us on the above phone number.

Step 2: Ordering

Once you are happy with our quotation, a formal order may be placed via Fax, postal mail or Email. As part of our quality control, a number of processes are then carried out to ensure that the possibility of errors, both on our side and yours, are reduced.

1)   The order is checked against the quote to ensure no discrepancies exist.
2)  Your required by date (and scheduling, if applicable) is checked against our delivery capability.
3)  Your design file is checked in pre-prodcution departement for omissions, discrepancies or any other anomalies in the documentation supplied.. (On average, around 50% of jobs are supplied by customers with some type of design problem). In such cases the customer is contacted in order to resolve/clarify the discrepancy.
4)  Manufacturing directives are then added to the design file along with the allocation of an internal part number.
5)  A mechanical drawing in PDF format is generated. This is primarily used for job identification and revision control.
6)  A manufacturing specification sheet is generated detailing the selection of options for the job. These include material type, thickness, mask types and colour, etc.
7)  The design files, along with the additional data, are then passed over to production.
8) An order confirmation showing our committed delivery date, along with the mechanical drawings and fabrication details are then Emailed/faxed back to the customer for confirmation and verification.


























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